"For people who want to master communication, become unforgettable and get paid what they’re worth!"


SPEAKER'S BOOTCAMP 6 - 9 September 2018 | London

"For people who want to master communication, become unforgettable and get paid what they’re worth!"

Do you have a message to share…? Do you have something you want to teach…? Do you have a story to tell…? Are you a speaker who wants to add even more impact and reach more people…? Maybe you just want to communicate more effectively…?

...then Million Dollar Message is for you!

Facilitated by world-class speaker and coach, Allan Kleynhans.

Learn from one of the world’s most engaging speakers exactly how to craft your story and refine your message for greatest impact. 

Discover how to engage your audience and take them on a roller-coaster of emotion that leaves them with the powerful lessons you want to teach and share. 

Develop bullet-proof confidence and the skills to get you noticed and standing out from the crowd in any environment. 

This 5-day boot camp is only for the committed and takes participants through a journey of self-discovery, as well as powerful practice - participants begin to see how their own journey is the message and how to bring more colour to their presentation.  


  • own the stage
  • become more confident and chrismatic
  • turn your speaking passion into a profitable business
  • deliver speeches like a seasoned professional
  • communicate like a pro
  • deliver a message that transforms lives

"I’ve been working as a high producing speaker, trainer and facilitator on the global stage for 18 years and I can tell you there is nothing more empowering than become a master of communication - it’s the key to everything!

Many ‘experts’, 'coaches', 'speakers', ‘trainers’, ‘consultants’, 'entrepreneurs' and 'business owners' have not yet learned to tell their story powerfully… You may have heard the phrase – ‘facts tell and stories sell’. 

If you want outrageous success in life and in business, you MUST learn to tell your story in a way that not only captures attention, but also holds it until you can present your solution or call to action."


Allan Kleynhans

Allan Kleynhans is in high demand as an outstanding International Speaker and high-end Performance Coach. With a vast amount of experience accumulated over three decades, he is also highly skilled as a Training Facilitator. 

His area of expertise includes self-awareness, leadership and communication. Allan is direct, transparent and thought-provoking – his intense, authentic style on the platform keeps his audiences riveted and have earned him rave reviews globally. He serves clients across the globe in every industry of business and area of life, including sport. 


6th to 9th September 2018. Graduation day: 15th September 2018 

The 5-day boot camp will be held at the heart of London. 

Location: Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, Coram Street, WC1N 1HT  


Become a powerful communicator.

  Empower your story.  

Turn your mess into a message.

Turn your tests into testimony .  

Transform the world.